August 23, 2023 Pastoral Council Meeting

St. Jude Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes - August 23, 2023


Parish Council Minutes – August 23, 2023

Attendees – Fr. Weber, Greg Gundzik, Andy Schmitt, Annie Tower, Julie Barber, Mickie Steldt, Tim Weiss,
Peter Benz

Opening Prayer

Approval of June 28, 2023 meeting minutes – Motion to approve by Annie Tower, Second by Peter Benz.
Approved with no nay votes.

Pastor’s Report – Staff Update. Parish office positions are filled. There is a Seminarian candidate that will
join the parish for 4 – 5 hours per week of pastoral assistance in the school or during sacraments, named
Josh Miller. He is a pre-theologian and doctoral candidate. The Relic of St Jude is coming later this year
and we need many volunteers from the parish to manage various roles within the church during the day.
A sign-up sheet has been posted to the Google shared drive. The parish is looking to fill a table at the St.
Francis seminary dinner downtown on October 5.

Finance Report – School attendance is vastly above the budget expectations with a current enrollment
of 425.

Assignment of Liaisons to Parish Groups – Council members volunteered to liaison with various groups
and ministries within the Parish. The assignments were determined as follows:

School Committee – Peter B.                                   Human Concerns – Julie B.
Religious Education - Julie B. and Greg G.               Men of St. Jude – Peter B.
Athletic Association - Paul C.                                   Thirft Shop – Mike M.
Worship Ministry - Andy S.
Youth Ministry – Mickie S.
Building & Grounds – Greg G.
Women of St. Jude – Annie T.
Stewardship Committee – Tim W.

Update on the Festival of Opportunities – Request from Tim W. to have liaisons to engage their
respective groups that will be participating in the Festival to encourage them to be intentional about
their follow up. We will provide desserts that will be placed at each table and having a combination of
paper sign-up sheets and a QR Code sign-up. Some ideas of additional groups for the event are Gala
Volunteers, arts and environment, and Liturgical volunteers.

Donut Sunday Update – The next event will be a cookout hosted by Men of St Jude on October 14. The
following month will resume the traditional Donut Sunday approach with a new parish volunteer group.

Milwaukee Deanery Update – Greg provided an update of recent topics at the local Deanery meeting,
including parish safety and the Love One Another Campaign. There was a concern voiced that technical
issues may have routed some of the online donations to the Catholic Stewardship Appeal or to a general
Love One Another campaign.

Bereavement Mass and Breakfast – November 5, between 9 and 11 mass. Parish Council needs

Approval of upcoming Council Meeting dates – The following dates were proposed and approved:

Sept 27                                Mar 27
Oct 25                                  Apr 24
Nov 29 (Annual Meeting)    May 22
Jan 17                                  June 26
Feb 28