June 28th, 2023 Pastoral Council Meeting

St. Jude Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes


Wednesday June 28, 2023

Attendees: Fr. Weber, Carolyn Callahan, Annie Tower, Tim Weiss, Peter Benz, Mickie Steldt, Andy Schmitt, Greg Gundzik, Gary Gerhardt, Mike Mullooly, Tom Mullooly, Julie Barber, Alvaro Garcia-Velez

Fr. Weber started the meeting with an opening prayer at 7:05

The May meeting minutes were approved; first by Gary G. Second by Mickie S. all approved.

This was the last meeting of the year, and the council took some time to welcome Fr Weber and introduce themselves. The group discussed a feeling of collegiality and felt that the current set up of the council was a great cross section of parish and school members that would be helpful to Fr. Weber.

Fr. Weber gave a brief Pastor’s report and touched on roles and responsibilities within the parish office. There are some transitions taking place within the staff with strengths and weaknesses being evaluated. Fr. Weber will continue to get a lay-of-the-land to ensure that everyone’s talents are being fully utilized and will look to implement best practices.

Tom Mullooly gave a finance report and indicated that the group has not met since the budget approval, but things continue to trend in a positive direction. The most notable being school enrollment which continues to grow.

Selection of officers

              Greg Gundzik has served as pastoral council chair for the last two years and would like to step down from that role. Greg nominated Tim Weiss for the position of chair and Mickie S. seconded.

Tim Weiss was elected was elected via unanimous vote of affirmation.

Peter Benz was nominated to serve as vice-chair by Greg and Annie T. seconded. Peter was elected via unanimous vote of affirmation.

Alvaro Garcia-Velez was nominated to serve as secretary by Gary and seconded by Carolyn. Alvaro was elected via unanimous vote of affirmation.

Discussion was had concerning the St. Jude golf outing, Gary would like the pastoral council to donate to the event and perhaps sponsor a hole in the amount of $250.

Festival of Opportunities was discussed, and possible dates of September 23-24 were thrown out. Conversation revolved around follow-up with attendees and overall perception of the event. More discussion is needed, and it was decided to add it to next meeting agenda. Additional discussion was had concerning donut Sundays, Home and School, Winterfest, and ways to engage more volunteerism across the board. General feeling was to continue to investigate and implement past activities and/or opportunities to involve parents.

The council thanked Gary for his wisdom, insight, and willingness to serve on the council.

Fr. Weber concluded the business portion of the meeting with a prayer and fellowship followed.