Organized athletics, including Volleyball and Basketball, are open to all parish youths in grades 5-8 attending Saint Jude School or the Saint Jude Religious Education program. 
Volleyball Registration for Fall 2023 Season is closed.  
Athletic Files 
Below is the link to all required Archdiocesan student/athlete forms for volleyball and basketball.  If your child is playing either sport, (or if you have not fully decided), we request that you complete and return these forms by Wednesday, June 7th
Mandatory 2023-2024 Athletic Forms

NO STUDENT ATHLETE IS ALLOWED TO TRY OUT FOR EITHER SPORT WITHOUT THE COMPLETION OF ALL OF THESE FORMS. We understand that students may have a physical examination scheduled for the summer months.  In that case, that form need not be submitted now, but must be handed in prior to any tryouts, practices or games. Tryouts for volleyball begin on August 14th.  To avoid any complications or concerns, we suggest that you submit the physical form no later than August 1st.   

All forms* should be returned to St. Jude School office as a complete set in hard copy form.  Do not email any forms, especially the medical form.

We encourage parents to submit all other forms as soon as possible, and, if at all possible, before the end of the school year.  If after that, please mail hard copies of the forms to the school address: 

Saint Jude the Apostle School, 800 Glenview Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI  53213

* The coaches’ form needs to be filled out only by those who intend to coach next year. 

2022-2023 Athletic Association Board 

Athletic Director: Aaron Jerabek

President: Tony Colvin

Registrar/Treasurer: Jen Rentmeester

Basketball Coordinator: John Sweeney

Volleyball Coordinator: Emily Steiner and Chris Riley

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