School History

Rich Traditions, Bright Future

Saint Jude the Apostle is known as the patron saint of “Hopeless Causes.” Devotions to him as the advocate of impossible causes are widespread throughout the Catholic Church. Often he is called Jude Thaddeus. Thaddeus means “brave.” The work of the Saint Jude the Apostle Parish founding families demonstrated his same bravery coupled with a vision for the future.    

The ninety year history of Saint Jude the Apostle Parish is rich with tradition, yet always with a purpose and forethought for the future. Originating out of a need for Irish Catholic families to have a school facility for their children “without the danger of walking across railroad tracks”, permission for a new parish was granted on March 1, 1928. A site was chosen, financial pledges were acquired and future payment installments were scheduled. Articles of Incorporation were filed on March 21, 1928, for Saint Jude the Apostle Congregation. This venture seemed like a “hopeless cause” to everyone but the founding families who established it.

Now with the new Saint Jude Parish activity center and gymnasium, we as a parish community continue to share in that same bravery and commitment to future generations.