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The foundation of a Saint Jude Middle School experience includes our four pillars of education,


With a relevant and rigorous curriculum, we prepare our students for the next step of their educational journeys.  Our goal is to provide an excellent education which enables our students to be very well prepared for any high school experience that awaits.   We aim to work with parents as we educate our students to be:

True Christians who:

  • Witness and express the teachings of the Gospel.
  • Show empathy toward those in need.
  • Exhibit a spirit of social justice and accountable stewardship.

Innovative Learners who:

  • Utilize digital resources respectfully for education and growth.
  • Commit to academic achievement with a spirit of curiosity, inquiry and enthusiasm.
  • Problem solve and make decisions allowing them to be both independent and collaborative learners.

Goal Setters and Achievers who:

  • Possess strong study habits and organizational skills.
  • Establish goals and strive to achieve them.
  • Recognize obstacles as challenges and opportunities for personal growth.

Effective Communicators who:

  • Present ideas effectively in both oral and written language.
  • Bring integrity and compassion to all relationships.
  • Are aware of the impact of their communication.

Responsible Citizens who:

  • Resolve conflicts cooperatively.
  • Work to develop leadership qualities which exhibit their growth in faith, courage and vision.
  • Interact appropriately with others and show respect to all.

The course of studies for our Middle School students includes:

Algebra, Pre-Algebra, General Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies

Business Education, Religion, Art, Music, Physical Education, Character Building, Mindfulness.

Each student in our Middle School is issued a Chromebook.  These devices are utilized throughout  the day as technology is integrated with our core curriculum.