Through the waters of Christian Baptism we are born into the life of Christ.

This new birth enables us, through grace, to enter and to grow in the life of the Holy Catholic Church. It also frees us from the power of sin over our lives and empowers us to live in ways that praise our God. Baptism Preparation classes for parents are offered on odd numbered months beginning in January. They are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Baptisms are celebrated on Sundays at 12pm. By special arrangement they can be celebrated during the weekend Masses. Parents of candidates for Baptism should be registered parish members. In preparation for the Baptism of a child, expecting parents are encouraged to contact Gary Heun to sign up for the class.

​The date for the next class has yet to be determined.
Classes are held in the Adult Study Center (2nd floor of Wauwatosa Day Care).

Baptism Contact
Schedule a baptism and sign up for the class
Email:Gary Heun
414-258-8821 x 230

Parent instruction class is required before Baptism.
To schedule a baptism and sign up for the class, please contact Gary Heun,Pastoral Associate.
414-258-8821 x 230